About Us

Sion Resources is an innovative, forward-thinking and diverse services provider, which is focused on supporting and transforming technology developments, talents and operations.

Our services and engagement models are tailor made to assist our customers as we navigate the disruptive changes brought on by new patterns of environment and employment.

To assimilate into our customers transformation and embrace the Technology environment, we have made our service offerings highly flexible & creative and centred around sound business principles.

We are specialist recruiters in the Enterprise Cloud and On Premise, Predictive Analytics & Big Data, Internet Of Thing IOT, Social & Enterprise Mobility, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence markets, Network solutions, Pre and Post sales, Technology startups and Fintech and Insurtech. 

Our dedicated team of in-house researchers and analyst assist our resourcing specialist to:
  • Appreciate your corporate culture.
  • Identify the candidates who are best suited to lead your organization into the future.
  • Recognize and understand the challenges that are unique to your organization and industry